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Visit thrice the places lost, and find the treasures of lands now gone,

For there is worth in things without cost, and now from here you must move on.

Upon her deathbed, Duchess Jessamine III of County Brimstone was said to have only been cognitive in rhyme. Between lewd poetry and anecdotes her associates cared not to hear, her history as a Listener came into effect. Whispers and fanciful ideas of long lost treasure in the claw.

Many disregarded this as the ramblings of a dying old lady, far too concerned with the supposed portents of the Stars. Yet her faithful nurse, Kaitlin, dutifully committed her words to paper. 

Fast forward three decades, the now Baron Kale has decided his decaying nurse's stories are worthy of investigation. True, they may turn up nothing, but what is a young, wealthy nobleman to do? Find a wife?

You will play the intrepid motley (or unsuspecting fools) who will see this investigation completed. Traveling to the Edges of the World to places born of magic and those with a far less palatable reality, seeking the confirmation of falsehoods of raving Witch who has long since passed.

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